Was I Lied To About Industry Standard?

Consumer Alert: Two words have become the weapons of choice in the battle of right vs. wrong in the collision repair business. By design, these two words sound so innocuous that they presume acceptance without consumer’s knowledge that by doing so, they have loaded the gun that is pointed directly at themselves. The two words are: Industry Standard.

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God Made A Body Shop Owner

Every now and again the winds of inspiration blow through our offices here at Nylund’s Collision Center. And when they do, we are quick to listen – and then act upon it. In today’s case, we were reminded of the things that are important by the classic voice of legendary radio personality, Paul Harvey. Back in 1978, Harvey delivered his famous speech: “God Made a Farmer”. Today, we present our version, served up as a tribute to all the professionals within the auto body industry. Please enjoy: God Made a Body Shop Owner. We’d love to hear your thoughts and... read more

Excellence Has a New Address

It’s a new year, and we are thrilled to announce that Nylund’s Collision Center has a NEW LOCATION!!   4495 S. Santa Fe Englewood, CO 80110 After 10 wonderful years of serving our guests and building up the brand that has become synonymous with excellence… we officially outgrew our old location! And so, to serve the next 10+ years we have invested in a property of our own… and you’re going to love it! Changing times requires upgraded equipment, so we’ve got a brand new paint booth (thank you, Garmat USA and John Baker Sales!) and we’ll continue to apply the world’s best paint (thank you, PPG!). And did we mention the space? We’ve doubled our work space to help us get your vehicles into the shop and back into your hands even faster! We love what we do, and who we do it for! It’s more than just a saying here: “If it isn’t perfect… it isn’t... read more

Thanks but No Tanks

Nylund’s Says “Thanks, but No Tanks” By now you’ve probably already heard that Nylund’s Collision Center cares very much about each and every guest we are honored to serve.  But did you know that we also care about improving our community as well? It’s true… we make every effort to be good stewards of the resources under our care – and in this case – we really mean UNDER our care! We are proud to announce that our new property (opening December, 2016) – once rumored to be one of Colorado’s largest sites of petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs) – is now 100% UST-Free! The earth is a cleaner, safer place, and the parking lot will be a whole lot (pun intended) smoother after our successful removal of 20+ huge petroleum storage tanks that were used by the previous property owners, Duggan Energy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 563,000 USTs nationwide store petroleum or hazardous substances. The greatest potential threat from a leaking UST is the contamination of ground water, a source of drinking water for nearly half of all Americans. Nylund’s worked with a local environmental consulting group to successfully remove all of the tanks, in order to satisfy all city, state and federal health and safety regulations. Our upcoming move to our new shop not only doubles our capacity to serve our guests – but also makes our community a safer, healthier place in which to live and... read more

When Should I Claim Diminished Value?

We are often asked, “When is an appropriate time for me to make a ‘diminished value’ claim for my vehicle. And while it may seem that the answer might be, ‘every time damage is done to your vehicle’… there are rules in play that guide the answer. First of all, you cannot claim diminished value from YOUR insurance company. It is a claim against ANOTHER insurance company, representing someone who HIT YOU. It’s actually the threat of a legal action that prompts the other insurance company to either settle or fight it out in court.  In our experience, court proceedings are rarely necessary. Secondly, you may not claim diminished value if you are LEASING your vehicle.  In such cases, you are not the owner of the vehicle – the leasing company is. YOU must OWN the vehicle that was damaged by someone else in order to make this claim. If you own your vehicle, and it was damaged by someone other than you, you may proceed with a diminished value claim. Our best recommendation is to employ the services of Auto Damage Experts to assist you in this... read more

What You Need to Pick Up Your Car

The day we deliver your repaired vehicle to you is very exciting for you and for us! We absolutely love seeing the looks of love on the faces of our guests as they are reunited with their cars. To ensure the very best experience and get you back on the road as quickly as possible, please be sure to bring the following when picking up your car. Please bring your deductible payment with you. If you were issued any funds from your insurance company related to the repair of your car, please bring them with you when you pick up your vehicle. Especially notice if insurance checks are made out to both YOU and the LEIN HOLDER (the bank who holds your loan). In such instances, you will need to have the insurance company re-issue the check in your name only. This should be done immediately so that you have the properly issued check(s) on the day you wish to pick up your vehicle. As you can see from the photo above, we love to document the moment of delivery of our guest’s repaired cars. If you would like us to add your photo to our virtual wall of fame, it would be our... read more

What Happens Next?

You’ve dropped off your vehicle for repair at Nylund’s Collision Center… and now you’d like to know what to expect. Well, first off, thank you for choosing Nylund’s.  We know that you have a choice, and we take our role in the repair of your car very, very seriously! Here is what you can expect in the days to come: The first thing we are going to do is a thorough examination (our own estimate) of the damage to your car. Your insurance company will likely have already sent an adjuster to give THEIR opinion as to the cost of your repair, and our estimate will be provided to them in the form of a “supplemental” estimate that will cover the parts and labor that we feel are necessary to restore your vehicle to it’s PRE-LOSS condition. What you need to know is that the insurance estimate is almost ALWAYS much lower than ours, and it could be several days of back and forth between our findings before we come to an agreement on the cost of repairs. This process does NOT COST YOU ANY MORE. You pay your deductible, and in most cases the insurance company pays the balance.* The most common reasons for this dance are as follows: The insurance estimate was “sight line” only. The car has not yet been disassembled, and therefore there may be damage that has not yet been accounted for. (Frames, support structures, internal elements and the like that cannot be seen without disassembly) Insurance companies typically try to cut their costs by recommending substandard aftermarket parts and/or not wanting to pay for... read more
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