“Nylund’s is the only one…” – Allstate

“You are the only one…” – Travelers

“Rob, you’re the only one…” – State Farm

If we had a nickel for every time over the last 11 years that we’ve heard insurance adjusters and supervisors claim that Nylund’s is “the only one” who does repairs the way we do… we’d have a bucket full of nickels – 3 feet deep – covering the entire surface area of the state of Colorado!

The very phrase used to irritate me to no end! It offends the senses to hear that we are the only shop who insists upon the right repair, and who refuses to cut corners in processes and parts just to save the insurance company money. To listen to them, all the other shops – ALL OF THEM – make up what they call industry standard, or “average”. That we are the outcasts.

I find that difficult – if not impossible – to believe.

In fact, over the years we have discovered that we ARE NOT the only ones. We have found that there are others… many others who stand up for the guest. Those who will not jeopardize the safety of the customer by cutting corners on their repairs. There are those who also hear that they are the only ones…

And so this is a rally call to all those who believe quality is more important than quantity.

Calling all outcasts and outside-the-industry-standard freaks who truly believe that if it isn’t perfect, it isn’t leaving.  Post a photo of your crew under this article, and let us stand together for the RIGHT THING!

From the day we opened our doors here at Nylund’s Collision Center, our mission has been focused: We will raise the bar for the entire body shop industry. We will not be “average”. We, along with many others, are leading by example!

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