Denver Auto Body Painting

Your car isn’t finished until it has first class auto body painting! At Nylund’s Collision Center, we guarantee color match. Every car is different. The way the car is maintained; how much time the car is in sun vs. garage; the age of the vehicle; and whether the original factory paint is metallic or three-stage pearl are all factors in the process. Each car has a paint code and that is the starting point for auto body painting. We put the paint code into computer which gives us a formula plus several potential variances.

Next, we take a piece of your car off (like the gas tank door) to match to, then mix the formula, and spray it on the test panel. From there we add or subtract different toners to get an exact match. We then look at test panel in several dimensions and different lighting to make sure the paint matches from every angle and adjust if needed before painting your car. Most cars are two stage painting system which means the paint will get a clear coat on top of the base color.

Many luxury vehicles add a third stage which is a mid-coat pearl. This coat goes in between the base color and clear coat (this is what is called three-stage pearl). Your car then goes into the bake mode at 140 degrees for 45 to 60 minutes for a “baked on” factory finish. All this is done in the climate controlled, downdraft spray paint booth to ensure quality.

The final step in auto body painting is color sanding and polished after baking to match the texture of the original factory paint and shine. Ready for an estimate for Denver auto body repair? We can book an appointment at your convenience. Give us a call at 303-761-9219. We are also happy to give you a tour of our facilities anytime!