Lexus Body Shop Owns Denver Repair Category

When looking for a Denver area Lexus body shop, there is only one premier destination, according to Lexus owners. Nylund’s Collision Center in Englewood, Colorado is the ONLY repair facility with a certified Lexus Body Shop Manager that has won the title “Best Body Shop” on the Denver A List every year since 2011… when the category was first created. Owners Robert and Carol Grieve purchased the business in 2006, and have grown Nylund’s Collision Center into the most trusted shop to bring your damaged luxury vehicles.  Commonly referred to as the Lexus body shop that Lexus dealers trust to do the right repair, Nylund’s Collision takes great pride in their independent (from insurance company influence) position in the marketplace. The guest experience and ultimate safety are the driving factors. “If it’s not perfect… it’s not leaving” is more than a tagline to Robert Grieve. At the heart of this position statement is the owner’s absolute conviction that there is only one way to repair a vehicle: the right way.  Automobile manufacturers design, test and approve vehicles not only for luxury and comfort, but for the safety of the driver and passengers. When choosing a Lexus body shop, consumers must be made aware that in almost every circumstance their insurance company will write their repair estimates to include cheaper aftermarket or third-party parts. This practice is done with only one objective: to save the insurance company money.  The danger comes in the fact that such parts – though they may be “certified” – they are not safety tested, and by definition – are NOT the same as the original... read more

What to expect from insurance after a car accident

A recent conversation with one of our guests very clearly illustrates the most common questions and answers between claimants (victims in an accident) and independent repair facilities.  Because the proper repair requires the insurance company representing the insured (the person who hit the claimant), we thought it would be helpful to our guests to get a behind the scenes view of the steps of the repair process. Here is the conversation as it happened between the Claimant (our guest) and the independent body shop (Nylund’s Collision Center): Claimant: I very much appreciate your offer to have the car in for repair on Feb 14. However, I do want to update you with the fact that American Family Insurance (AmFam) sent me a check for the amount of $4276.13.  I have filed it and will not cash it.  I feel the sending of this check is very inappropriate.  I am very concerned about this behavior on the part of AmFam. And I ask again if-given this behavior on the part of AmFam – do I need to consider hiring an attorney? Nylund’s: All your concerns are valid and you posed great questions.  I wish this process were easier on everyone, unfortunately it’s not the case. We are aware of AmFam’s initial estimate.  It is in no way inclusive of all that will be needed to repair your vehicle back to undetectable, pre-loss condition.  The initial estimates rarely are. I don’t believe there is any reason to hire a lawyer quite yet.  That being said, Let’s chat about a few of your concerns and the options available. Claimant: I asked you if I would be held responsible for any amount that AmFam refuses to pay.... read more

Welcome Brian Forester to Nylund’s Collision Center

Excellence Attracts Excellence Aristotle once said, “quality is not an act, it is a habit”. Here at Nylund’s Collision Center, we not only believe this to be true; we eat, sleep, drink and breathe this mantra! We paraphrase it this way: “If it’s not perfect – it’s not leaving”. Needless to say, this high standard puts us at odds with many in our industry, especially insurance companies that prefer to cut costs at every corner – typically at the financial and safety expense of their insured. There is a daily battle being waged between independent auto body owners and those who are supposed to cover the costs of the PROPER repair. It is with the highest amount of pride and utmost respect that we announce the addition of a true General in the war for what’s right in our industry. Please help us welcome Brian Forester to Team Nylund’s. Brian worked his way up through the industry from estimates to paint, and at the age of 26, he was awarded the Manager’s position at Legacy Ford Body Shop in Pasco, Washington. Under his management, the shop grew more than 45% in less than a year. He has become widely recognized as an influencer in the auto body industry by the very best of the best. Brian spent a little more than 2 weeks with us in October, and during that time he made such a positive impact within our community. He reached out to every team member across every department, and earned the respect of each and every man and woman at Nylund’s. He rolled up his sleeves and... read more

Are We Really The Only One?

“Nylund’s is the only one…” – Allstate “You are the only one…” – Travelers “Rob, you’re the only one…” – State Farm If we had a nickel for every time over the last 11 years that we’ve heard insurance adjusters and supervisors claim that Nylund’s is “the only one” who does repairs the way we do… we’d have a bucket full of nickels – 3 feet deep – covering the entire surface area of the state of Colorado! The very phrase used to irritate me to no end! It offends the senses to hear that we are the only shop who insists upon the right repair, and who refuses to cut corners in processes and parts just to save the insurance company money. To listen to them, all the other shops – ALL OF THEM – make up what they call industry standard, or “average”. That we are the outcasts. I find that difficult – if not impossible – to believe. In fact, over the years we have discovered that we ARE NOT the only ones. We have found that there are others… many others who stand up for the guest. Those who will not jeopardize the safety of the customer by cutting corners on their repairs. There are those who also hear that they are the only ones… And so this is a rally call to all those who believe quality is more important than quantity. Calling all outcasts and outside-the-industry-standard freaks who truly believe that if it isn’t perfect, it isn’t leaving.  Post a photo of your crew under this article, and let us stand together for... read more

Space Frames and Hot Formed Steel

Multi-material space frame. Ultra high-strength, hot-shaped steel. Conventional steel. Cast aluminum and bionic structures. Magnesium strut braces. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). Load path compliant fiber. These are just a few of the MANY new terms coming down the production line at an automobile manufacturer near you!  And why should you care? Well, perhaps YOU shouldn’t… but the real question is: does your body shop know them? The industry is in an ever-changing, rapidly-evolving state of growth. Manufacturers like Audi are producing frames and structural panels made out of multiple components, and you better believe that means the repair process just got more complicated. If your body shop technician doesn’t keep 100% up to date with every advance… your repair could be compromised. How would you ever know if the shop you choose really knows what they’re doing? There are a couple of ways.  First – ask to view their most current “AllData” documents. Next, inquire about the status of their subscription to your specific manufacturer’s updated repair manual. And finally – if you really want to know the QUALITY of repair at any given body shop, simply ask them how many times they’ve ever had to buy back a vehicle after repairing it. Your vehicle represents not only one of your largest expenses… it is responsible for the safety of the ones you love the most. Be sure that the people taking care of your family truly know what they’re doing! Take a look at this example of Audi’s innovation: You are always welcome here at Nylund’s Collision Center where, “If it’s not perfect – it’s not... read more

Surprise – State Farm isn’t Progressive – It’s AGGRESSIVE

Would you agree with your insurance carrier to allow them to use used, recycled, reconditioned and/or non-original equipment manufacturer parts to repair your brand new vehicle? If you own a State Farm auto policy, that is EXACTLY what you agreed to! You have effectively waived (relinquished, renounced, abandoned, surrendered, ceded, signed away, rejected, abdicated, sacrificed and refused) your right to insist upon original manufacturers’ parts. According to State Farm’s Car Policy Booklet Form 9806B ©2011 page 25: Limits and Loss Settlement – Comprehensive Coverage and Collision Coverage “…You agree with us (State Farm) that the repair estimate may include new, used, recycled and reconditioned parts. Any of these parts may be either original manufacturer parts or non-original manufacturer parts. You also agree that replacement glass need not have any insignia, logo, trademark, etching, or other marking that was on the replaced glass”. Not only that, but according to your State Farm Car Policy Booklet: “(2) The cost to repair the covered vehicle does not include any reduction in the value of the covered vehicle after it has been repaired as compared to its value before it was damaged.” In other words, you are NOT ENTITLED to any diminished value claim – even though your car has been damaged and repaired. What Are The Right Questions To Ask Your Agent? The unfortunate “right question” to ask – BEFORE YOU PAY for your policy is: “What are my rights if I don’t agree with the estimate produced by State Farm?” It’s unfortunate, because the answer – according to your Car Policy Booklet is: you don’t have any. Other insurance companies allow... read more

You Might Get Sued If…

Did you save 15% or more in 15 minutes? Are you in good hands? Do you have good neighbors? Is somebody on your side? Has your insurance company seen almost everything? Are you under the umbrella? Did you name your own price? Or is someone protecting your dreams? You just might get sued… and here’s why: True Stories of Body Shop Horror Joe’s brand new Lexus gets hit from behind by Bill, and Joe ends up claiming the damage via Bill’s insurance. Bill’s “lizard insurance” sends an adjuster who writes an initial estimate to repair Joe’s bumper. (One can clearly see that the bumper is beyond repair and requires replacement – but the adjuster writes for repair because there is no sales tax on labor, saving his company MILLIONS every year.) Joe brings his car to a reputable body shop, and once the bumper cover is removed, it becomes clear that one of Joe’s frame rails (key safety component) has been compromised, and also requires replacement. Those “gecko good ol’ boys” agree, and approve the purchase. The body shop orders all new factory parts to provide the proper repair for Joe’s vehicle and expedites the repair process. Whoa! The new estimate from the “rip-off reptiles” is full of cheap aftermarket parts… and because their company has lost over 80% of their profits recently, the most effective way to make up their losses is to purchase cheap parts and increase your premiums.  Now there’s a significant gap between the cost of the RIGHT PARTS (which are already on the car) and the only amount the insurance company is willing to pay. What... read more

Oh Hail No They Didn’t

Say “Hail NO” to the Wrong Repair! Colorado is well documented as one of the three states (Wyoming and Nebraska making up the other two) known as “Hail Alley”. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), these states average seven to nine hail days per year.* Because of this designation, it’s understandable that there are associated industries that stand ready to process the claims and repair the damage caused by hail storms. Terms NORMALLY associated with automotive hail damage claims and repair: Insurance Agencies Body Shops Terms to be AVOIDED with automotive hail damage claims and repair: Storm Chaser Tents of ANY KIND Dealerships Door Hangers Flyers In light of the most recent hail storm here in Denver, the number of storm chasers and (surprisingly) well-known dealerships who have popped up and started advertising that they are in the hail business is not only surprising – but unbelievably dangerous to the consumer. The problem with storm chasers and the tents they put up right after a storm is this: they exist only to get as much money from consumers as fast as they can. Tent conditions on an abandoned street corner come nowhere near being enough to handle the complexity of many hail cases. The lighting is sub-par. They may or may not have the correct tools to do the job correctly. And God forbid, if something goes wrong or was improperly dis- or reassembled – where will they be to make a claim? They take down their tents and go back to their day jobs in other states. The consumer is left holding the bag of... read more
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