Two Tone Trouble

When it comes to quality, I believe the automotive industry has a good bead on what it takes to get the job done right. Ford tells us that “Quality is Job 1″. Hertz taught us that “There’s Hertz… and there’s ‘Not Exactly’”. But every now and again, we run across...

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Groomed For Success

What does an award winning body shop, recognized for excellence in quality and customer service do to improve the guest experience? That’s the question that Robert and Carol Grieve, owners of Nylund's Collision Center in Englewood, Colorado asks himself every day. The...

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A Cost Plus Society?

Imagine taking your kid to a local restaurant and ordering a spaghetti dinner, pizza and soda for the kiddo, and a nice glass of wine for yourself… and instead of the $32.00 bill, you offer to pay the cost of materials plus 15%. How about grabbing that next pair of...

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We See What Others Don’t

The other day we received a car that – from the outside – looked like it was in fantastic condition. The owner explained that they had recently been in an accident, and following the “recommendation” of their insurance company, took it to one of their “authorized”...

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