In an effort to demonstrate the need for right repair, we came across this video that demonstrates the technological advances that manufacturers have built into vehicle safety over the last 20 years. And as you can see… it’s dramatic – and impressive.

The reason we’re showing it to you, however, is even more important. Unless you find a body shop that is willing to stand up to the insurance company’s efforts to cut costs with non-OEM or aftermarket parts – you run the very real risk that in the next accident your late model car will behave like the last-century vehicle in this video.

Why You Should Care…

Not all body shops are the same. We encourage you to find one that is willing to invest in all current and necessary research, and that will align themselves with the MANUFACTURER’S guidelines and standards – not cave to what the insurance company says they’re only willing to pay.

Watch it again, and remind yourself: Your vehicle manufacturer – NOT your insurer – builds the safety into your car. Your body shop – NOT your insurer – re-builds the safety into your car. We fix to manufacturer’s specifications. They pay. Period.

We. Will. NOT. Cut. Corners.

“If it isn’t perfect… it isn’t leaving.” – Robert Grieve, owner of Nylund’s Collision Center

#NYLUNDSDONE Right repair is the only way we do it.

Resources discussing the current state of technology in new model vehicles and the constant struggle between insurance companies and body shops.

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