Did you save 15% or more in 15 minutes? Are you in good hands? Do you have good neighbors? Is somebody on your side? Has your insurance company seen almost everything? Are you under the umbrella? Did you name your own price? Or is someone protecting your dreams?

You just might get sued… and here’s why:

True Stories of Body Shop Horror

Joe’s brand new Lexus gets hit from behind by Bill, and Joe ends up claiming the damage via Bill’s insurance. Bill’s “lizard insurance” sends an adjuster who writes an initial estimate to repair Joe’s bumper. (One can clearly see that the bumper is beyond repair and requires replacement – but the adjuster writes for repair because there is no sales tax on labor, saving his company MILLIONS every year.)

Joe brings his car to a reputable body shop, and once the bumper cover is removed, it becomes clear that one of Joe’s frame rails (key safety component) has been compromised, and also requires replacement. Those “gecko good ol’ boys” agree, and approve the purchase. The body shop orders all new factory parts to provide the proper repair for Joe’s vehicle and expedites the repair process.

Whoa! The new estimate from the “rip-off reptiles” is full of cheap aftermarket parts… and because their company has lost over 80% of their profits recently, the most effective way to make up their losses is to purchase cheap parts and increase your premiums.  Now there’s a significant gap between the cost of the RIGHT PARTS (which are already on the car) and the only amount the insurance company is willing to pay.

What is Joe to do? The “chameleon company” expects Joe to pay the difference. But Joe is the victim… so he does the only thing he can do to recover the costs of the RIGHT REPAIR: Joe sues Bill for the difference.

Bill, (a good guy with bad insurance) is taken by surprise and sends the suit to his insurance company, who… in the end… is liable for the correct repair – and they pay.

Sounds like a scary story, doesn’t it? It gets scarier when you replace Bill’s name with your own – and realize that this kind of thing can and does happen all the time.

Never heard of such a thing?

That doesn’t surprise us.  The great majority of body shops are in PARTNERSHIP with those “cavemen”, (and Flo, and your good neighbors, etc) – so Joe is never made aware of the fact that his brand new Lexus has third party, untested parts on his car.  It “looks” right… They use fancy, unsubstantiated terms like, “industry standard”, but here’s the rub: Joe was hit from behind once. What’s to guarantee it won’t happen again?  Never mind the surprise Joe will get when he goes to sell his pretty ride.

Consumer Alert: INSIST upon OEM factory parts on every repair! Force your “bad neighbor” to do the RIGHT REPAIR the first time – and tell them to stop transferring their losses to you by compromising the safety of you and your family!

Looking for one roof to protect your second most valuable asset? At Nylund’s Collision Center – we’ve got you covered.  If it’s not perfect – it’s not leaving.

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