Rob and Eric discuss the often overlooked pitfalls of paintless dent repair for hail damaged cars.

What happened to the vehicle from last week? Rob and Bob revisit their discussion of last week’s vehicle, and a new app/service from Toyota Lexus of America.

New Lexus/Toyota announcement, interesting owners manual information, introducing Bob Deming as the newest member to the Nylund’s Collision Center team!

Rob and Eric host a frank conversation about who ACTUALLY is the CUSTOMER of the body shop. It may surprise you that MOST SHOPS treat the insurance company as their customer… and that’s just not right!

Rob and Eric discuss quick scanning your car – and why it’s bad for you! The Airing of GRIEVEances takes on the issues in the collision industry from the consumer’s perspective.

Rob is back home, and he and Eric want to share some key information about a few three-letter acronyms that you really should know!

In today’s episode of the Airing of GRIEVEances, Rob goes to Cleveland, Ohio to participate in meetings with SCRS and CIC. Understanding the bigger picture will help you know who to trust, and what questions to ask when it comes to selecting the right collision center.

Yes, drug testing stolen and recovered vehicles is a thing! And more people need to be aware of it. In this episode of The Airing of GRIEVEances, Rob and Eric address the very real issue of having a drug test performed on stolen and recovered vehicles. There are many safety related issues that show up in stolen vehicles, and if your car has been exposed to even the smallest amount of methamphetamine or fentanyl in aerosol form, you could experience extensive physical damage as well.

When multi-billion dollar body shops and insurers disavow responsibility for a dangerous repair over a technicality, they absolutely choose their profit margins over your safety. You lose every time in such situations. Rob and Eric share the details of another actual case that came through the doors of Nylund’s Collision Center, and the very serious – possibly criminal negligence on the part of the internationally recognized, multi-billion dollar body shop brand and their insurance partners. They put the lives of everyone driving the car – and the children in the car seat in the back – in danger.

A.I. – Artificial Intelligence is here! But WHO is it working for? Tune in to find out what is ALREADY in place to collect YOUR DATA, and watch as Eric and Rob ask the question, “who is all of our information being sent to”? Have you downloaded a “FREE” app from your insurer under the auspices that you can save a few bucks if you’re a good driver? You may be giving away A LOT MORE of your information (and maybe some of your rights – or defense in a court of law) than you know!

Today Rob and Eric discuss a term that you may not have heard of before: First Notice of Loss. There’s a competition going on – who’s fighting to be first – and why?

WARNING!! Controversial Topic Ahead! Robert Grieve and Eric Reamer bring up a very sensitive issue (in the collision industry) to help you better understand WHY it matters when it comes to performing a thorough repair on your vehicle. How do shop technicians and employees get paid? Knowing the answer to this question will likely save you LOTS of headaches when it comes to the actual quality of your vehicle’s repair.

Rob and Eric discuss how to know if your car has been repaired. The next time you ask, ‘ has my vehicle been repaired properly? ‘ you’ll have the confidence you need to make the right decisions.

Rob and Eric answer another viewer’s question: What is my vehicle worth? This video blog is presented by Nylund’s Collision Center of Englewood, Colorado and is specifically directed to the average consumer who may not realize that saving a few dollars on your monthly premiums could end up costing you thousands (or MORE) when you really need them to step up and do the right thing!

Rob answers a viewer’s question: Should I go with the body shop my insurer recommends? We love getting comments from viewers, and in this week’s episode of The Airing of GRIEVEances, Rob and Eric acknowledge and then answer viewer JN’s question of whether or not to take his car to the body shop that his insurance company is recommending, or should he just pick his own?

Rob and Eric tackle a very real topic: Why follow manufacturer’s procedures? Does it even matter? YES!!! It matters! When the quality of a repair could affect the safety of you and/or your loved ones… or that of the other people driving on the roads next to you… WHO you choose to repair your car – ABSOLUTELY matters!

Join Rob and Eric in this straightforward look at the value of estimators, and the importance of choosing the right one!

Eric calls Rob out on a comment that he made in the last video. Do insurance companies DICTATE REPAIRS by telling body shops: PAYMENT DENIED? And what does the law say about insurers meddling with proper repairs?

You have a right to a proper, safe repair. All too often, insurance companies bully body shops out of making safe repairs by cutting expenses (what they’re willing to pay) and insisting they use inferior aftermarket parts. When that is coupled with the negligence of a shop that doesn’t follow proper OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) procedures, and you have the makings of today’s horrific story: Terror in Texas: The Seebachan Case.

Rob and Eric explore and expose a horrific bad faith estimate by another ‘big box’ body shop – one of the insurance company’s “preferred’ shops – and a Ford Certified shop. It’s a miracle that the young woman whose car was hit from behind wasn’t injured through the negligence demonstrated by an unethical (and all too common) decision to follow profits over people!

Joining Rob and Eric as this week is Danny Gredinberg – the heavy hitter when it comes to understanding how to read, and more importantly, reconcile your auto body estimate! DEG (Danny’s Business)

Join Rob and Eric as this week we come clean about the good guys in the insurance industry. Rob’s naming names and calling out insurance companies that are getting it RIGHT! CHOOSE YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY CAREFULLY! There are some companies that really are looking out for YOU… and not just their own bottom line. (Here’s a hint: they’re NOT the ones who are spending YOUR MONEY, bombarding you with advertising!)

Rob and Eric chat with Steve Sheehan of AAA Colorado AutoSource about what happens to the value of your vehicle after it’s been in an accident. You might be surprised at how much value you will lose when you go to trade it in – even if it was repaired correctly! And the amount only gets worse when your insurance company cuts corners to save themselves (NOT YOU) money!

Join Rob, Eric and our lead technician, Kevin West as this week we perform a post-repair inspection of another shop’s horrible repair job! If this doesn’t scare you… it should! Negligent (maybe even criminally so) repairs like this one happen EVERY DAY in the collision industry! This is a case of the insurance company cutting corners to save money… the body shop making money (when this car NEVER should have been repaired!) and the customer – a mother who drives her children in this vehicle – being railroaded by a broken system! CHOOSE YOUR BODY SHOP CAREFULLY! There are some very unethical, immoral people out there who put their profits WAY before your safety, and that of your loved ones!

In this episode of The Airing of GRIEVEances, Robert Grieve introduces you to John Groome, the General Manager of Nylund’s Collision Center. When you need a body shop, it’s because you’ve experienced some sort of trauma. But not all collision centers are created equal. We will walk you through what to expect when you need a body shop, and how we do it differently!

In this episode of The Airing of GRIEVEances, Robert Grieve takes a deep dive into what the law says about aftermarket parts. Specifically, we’ll be addressing Colorado state law, as it relates to the use of aftermarket parts. You’ll be surprised to discover that the current law is only designed to protect the INSURANCE industry! Left hanging out to dry are both the body shop that installs them… and especially YOU!

Who do you trust when it comes to repairing your vehicle? Rob peels away the smoke and mirrors behind the one-sided conversations insurance companies use with you after an accident. There’s a very clear directive to get you to agree to lower their cost of repair – and it has NOTHING to do with your safety, or performing the correct repair! Beware of insurance tactics! You’ll learn a very valuable lesson from Rob’s Dad’s advice!

Eric Reamer explains our reasons for creating The Airing of GRIEVEances video series. He shares Robert Grieve’s heart for YOU, the driving public… and carefully covers the issues that you should be made aware of. We encourage you to share these videos with your friends and family on the social media platforms, as this information could quite literally save lives.

How long will it take to repair my car? That is the number one most asked question that we receive day in and day out. In this episode of The Airing of GRIEVEances, Robert Grieve and Eric Reamer will do their best to answer the question by giving you a behind the scenes look at what REALLY happens when you take your car to a collision center. They will also discuss a dirty little secret about the insurance industry that can (and DOES) cost you money! A lot of money! Watch to the end and be informed!

Ever wonder why your final repair estimate is significantly higher than the original? That’s a load of ENERGY. Here’s how it works: The first estimate is written based ONLY on what we can see. But the truth is… energy travels, and in many cases, things deeper than the surface are also affected by the energy of an impact. And THOSE things also need to be repaired and restored to pre-loss condition. This video blog is presented by Nylund’s Collision Center of Englewood, Colorado and is specifically directed to the average consumer who may not realize that body shops are trusted to repair your vehicle CORRECTLY, and that may include repairs that can’t be seen until the car is disassembled.

Certification is More than a Plaque on the Wall! Robert Grieve and Eric Reamer consider what it means to YOU: THE CONSUMER when a collision center has one or more manufacturer’s certifications. You would think that it means that the repairs get done properly, with the right equipment, every time. But that is not always the case.

The Airing of GRIEVEances – EP 3: Is It Criminal?. Robert Grieve and Eric Reamer offer a casual Saturday morning conversation about the games insurers play to reduce their expense… at YOUR EXPENSE. Is it criminal? We’ll let you decide.

The Airing of GRIEVEances – EP 2: Invoking the Appraisal Clause. Robert Grieve and Eric Reamer offer a casual Saturday morning conversation about the little known, and often overlooked appraisal clause that *should* be found within the pages of your insurance policies. You are strongly encouraged to read your policies, and discover if you actually have this consumer protection, or if you may be one of the millions whose insurance has deliberately left it out.

The premier episode of The Airing of GRIEVEances vodcast, presented by Nylund’s Collision Center. Offering a casual peek behind the curtain of a collision center with candid conversations of topics rarely covered outside the industry. Robert Grieve explains the value and proper use of a torque wrench in an effort to draw attention to the fact that many collision centers, in the name of speed and greed, overlook the use of this safety-related tool. Consumers are advised to be knowledegable about the quality of work, equipment and training of the staff working on their vehicles.

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