We love what we do here at Nylund’s Collision Center. Not just because we can make something beautiful out of something ugly, but because we only do it one way: the RIGHT way.

Case Study: Lexus ES 350, 28,000 miles. Still under full warranty.


It’s not difficult to see what brought this car to our shop. And we hope it’s equally easy to see the quality of our final delivery. What these photos don’t show, however, is our commitment to conducting a RIGHT repair versus the least expensive possible patch, as determined by our guest’s insurance company.

Our guest came to us with a broken car. They’ve been through enough trauma – and we immediately put them at ease, as much as possible, by promising the highest quality repair. The insurance company in this case, who have likely been paid for years – decades – are not interested in the quality of the repair, but rather in only making sure that they cut the cost of said repairs as much as possible. This played itself out as they re-wrote our original estimate – substituting our recommended original manufacture’s parts with third-party and aftermarket parts.

Why would they cut corners on parts such as the radiator and associated support, or the AC condenser that could void some of the car’s warranty upon failure? The answer is simple: expense. Keep in mind – the aftermarket parts the insurance company insists that we use also supports some of the air-bag safety sensors and should there be any variance at all – it is possible that said safety equipment will not perform as the manufacturer intended. 1/100th of a second could very well be the difference between life and death.

We asked the insurance company about what the guest should do if the aftermarket cooling system fails, causing the engine to overheat and possibly cause tremendous damage. Their answer: the customer (our guest) should then call the manufacturer of the radiator to pursue a claim for the no-longer covered, damaged engine. The manufacturer of the RADIATOR??

My friends… we simply will not compromise the safety of our guests or value of their vehicles. The photo of our repair does not show you the fact that we replaced the damaged parts with original manufacture’s parts. It does not show the several rounds of our supplemental estimates back and forth with the insurance company. It does not show that in the end, they paid for the correct parts because they are the CORRECT parts. But it does show how much we care for each and every guest that trusts us – Nylund’s Collision Center – to do the job RIGHT.

You’ve got my word: If it’s not perfect… it’s not leaving.

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