Many times, minor collision repair can be done while you wait. Take for instance one of our Mercedes Benz owners was hit in the rear. He sustained minor damage to the rear bumper. However it was bad enough the bumper needed to be replaced. On the first visit, we assessed the damage, took some photos and gathered the insurance company information. Then we took a small piece off the car so we could match the paint exactly without the vehicle being here. The customer was on their way. After settling all the details with the insurance company, we ordered the parts. When they arrived a few days later, we then made sure they were correct based on the photos we had and into the paint shop they went. We already had a painted piece off the car, so we matched the color and pre-painted the bumper. During this time we called the customer and made arrangements for them to stop by the shop the next day. They came in, brought their lap top, and waited while we had 3 technicians (pit stop style) remove the old bumper, build and install the new one. An hour later they were on their way. No rental, no rides, no need to be without the car. Just done!

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