There’s a new auto body congregation in Englewood, (Denver) Colorado and services are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Members have been called everything from enthusiasts to fanatics – labels which they readily embrace. As with many other faith-based gatherings, that which draws believers together is damage, pain and destruction. What keeps them coming back is the promise of restoration, healing and power. Raw, unfettered power. The First Church of the GT-R is where misgivings yield to faith in an experience that can only be found in one place… Nylund’s Collision Center.


The shepherd of this gathering is Robert Grieve, owner of Nylund’s. A fanatic himself, Grieve preaches the good news of nothing less than future perfection for the broken high-end vehicles that come to him. He pounds the pulpit of a customer experience that has rocketed Nylund’s to the very top of the auto-body industry in Colorado.

Are there other places for owners of luxury sports cars to take their damaged dreams? “Absolutely,” says Grieve. “But more often than not, their high expectations demand a ‘conversion’ of sorts that leads them to Nylund’s. Our attention to every detail, including both vehicle and customer, is what keeps them coming back.” And come back, they do. And they tell their friends, who, after experiencing their own conversion, share the good news to their own sphere of influence.

Rick Whipple, GT-R owner and solid Nylund’s believer said, “My GT-R was ripped in a freak windstorm in March. I thought for sure it would never be the same, but Nylund’s made it better than it was. They are awesome artists and dedicated perfectionists. We (owners of luxury vehicles) are lucky to have these world-class talents in Denver.”

Whipple’s sentiment is echoed by hundreds of believers from all over the state. GT-R owners know that there is only one place to gather… and services are held Monday through Saturday every week. The First Church of the GT-R welcomes the faithful owners of all types of vehicles, and no one is ever turned away. Walk-ins and seekers are greeted like family, and leave knowing that there is hope in true restoration.


Nylund’s Collision Center is located at 1033 W. Dartmouth Ave., Englewood, CO 80110. They may be contacted at 303-761-9219 or online at

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