I recently received this e-mail from one of our customers. THIS is our “why”…

Top of the day to you, NYLUND’S team!

My name is Colleen, and I just picked up my RX 400 Hybrid Lexus today from your shop.

I am speechless. I seriously do not think my car looked this good brand new. You did an awesome job!

Words truly cannot say enough about the talent and professionalism of the Nylund’s team. Special thanks to Sam for her amazing support to me and advocating for me in the process. Her kind and helpful customer service certainly affords one to be in better spirits after a bit of a set-back.

Absolutely beautiful and flawless body work and paint job just like that of your customer service, flawless. Words truly cannot thank you enough. I am very grateful!!! Truly I am.

One last special thanks to Rob and the awesome Nylund’s team for going above and beyond in your customer service, your professional work and support to our soldiers and veterans.

As we all know the term “above and beyond” holds a special meaning to those who have served. Rob and the Nylund’s team exemplifies “the above and beyond” call to duty.

I want to send a special “Thank You” to the Nylund’s team, true platinum performers.

Thanks for your support to our military!



Colleen – Thank YOU! YOU are the reason we do what we do. When someone needs our services, we do our best to make the auto repair process as positive an experience as possible. Your kind letter is a validation of our core values: If it isn’t perfect… it isn’t leaving.

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