We’ve Got Spirit – Yes We Do

With Halloween coming right around the corner, I thought it appropriate to remind our valued guests that here at Nylund’s we absolutely have spirit… the Spirit of Extreme Customer Service!

When your car goes bump in the night, or in the daytime… who you gonna call? Nylund’s Collision Center – that’s who! We straighten out all the sheet metal, and make sure that your insurance adjuster never says boo to your claim.

Dents, dings, moans and groans don’t stand a ghost of a chance once we get involved! And that’s just the beginning of your spirited experience. Our professional in-specters create an atmosphere of confidence throughout your car’s rejuvenation by making contact with you on a regular basis.

So never fear… Nylund’s is here, and we’re busting all the stereotypes of what it is to work with body shops! We’ve got you covered!

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