In this time of the holidays, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by catchy titles like “Black Friday” and “Small Business Saturday”… and don’t forget “Cyber Monday”. And while we understand the meaning behind each one of these phrases, here at Nylund’s we remind ourselves regularly that we don’t need the holiday buying season to offer “Quality Everyday”.

More than just a memorable slogan, Quality Everyday is a cultural statement of fact around here. It’s the lifeblood of our organization, and one of the largest differentiators between us and those who would consider themselves our competition. It defines our own rules of engagement, and requires us to play by those rules.

Quality Everyday means that we are open six days a week, where many Denver auto body shops take the weekends off. It means that when our phone rings, we pick it up by the time it rings twice. It means that we are part of the solution – and not a part of just another injury after an accident.

Quality Everyday means that we go the extra mile – every time. It means that if it isn’t perfect… it isn’t leaving. It means that we stand by the craftsmanship of every one of our repairs, and won’t put inferior parts that may jeopardize the integrity and safety of your car.

Quality Everyday means that when you get into an accident, you have an advocate who will handle all of the insurance claim requirements for you. It means that we are not conflicted by a direct repair program (DRP) between us and the insurance companies. And that means that we will ALWAYS act in the best interest of YOU, the customer instead of the insurance companies looking to cut costs.

And Quality Everyday means that we will be here when you need us. Always. You’ve got my word on it! – Robert Grieve, owner

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