A recent conversation on the Experience Pros Radio Show (AM 560 KLZ) with Robert Grieve of Nylund’s Collision Center sheds light on the daily struggle that independent auto repair facilities face with insurance companies.


What really happens when you get into an accident is rarely reported, in large part because many collision repair facilities engage in a “direct repair partnership (DRP)” with the insurance companies, rendering them unable to engage in a dialogue on behalf of the customer’s best interest.

Nylund’s has never sold out to a DRP relationship with any insurance company. Their position of protecting the customer has caused one insurance company to up the ante by cutting the rate of what they are willing to pay for your repair to well below industry-standards. This hostile maneuver goes on behind the scenes, and during the following interview you will hear the details of what’s REALLY happening – and why WHICH auto body shop you choose really does matter!

Insurance Wars Part 1

Insurance Wars Part 2

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