There is only one way we do things: The RIGHT way.

I admit… I have a flaw. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, and there maybe some who could point out more than one. But the flaw that’s on my mind today is this: My record is scratched.

That’s right – my record (CD for the younger generation) has a scratch in it, and every single time we play our favorite song, “The Insurance Company Blues”, that scratch sneaks up and just repeats and repeats until someone addresses the problem.

What’s that? You don’t know the solid gold hit: “The Insurance Company Blues”? Well… that doesn’t really surprise me. It’s really the only hit they’ve ever produced. Here’s just part of the lyrics:

Down on the farm where the hands are good,
We speak progressively about your car’s hood.
You need a blend – the answer is no.
The farmer and the lizard both told you so.

Oh by the way, your premiums are due,
We’re way too big – so you can’t sue.
We’re on your side – that’s our ruse,
You’ve got the Insurance company blues…

It’s always right about this time that my scratch surfaces – and this is what it sounds like:

We do things the RIGHT way!
We do things the RIGHT way!
We do things the RIGHT way!

The blues traveler tries to sway me – but the scratch takes over…

We do things the RIGHT way!
We do things the RIGHT way!
We do things the RIGHT way!

So I suppose if one has to admit a flaw, mine is this scratch in my record. But then… is it really a flaw if it’s the right thing?

Here it is, friends: I don’t know any way to do business other than the right way. And I wish we never had to listen to the Insurance Blues again… but as long as they keep playing that tune, we here at Nylund’s will continue to fight for what’s right.

You pay into your insurance premiums every month, all of your adult life. When the companies that promise to protect you in fact protect only their bottom line – we will be the ones to advocate on your behalf. We will be the ones to insist that you – their customer – not be traumatized twice by the same accident. We will be the ones who will ALWAYS do things the RIGHT way!

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