After being rear ended by another vehicle, the owner of this vehicle needed substantial repairs to their Lexus bumper and trunk. They were referred to us by a local Lexus dealership.

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We are truly proud of what we do here and always happy to offer a tour of the shop. He gladly accepted the invitation and toured our facility as we explained our repair process to him, after which the customer was greatly at ease and completely confident the repair process was in good hands. We were happy to welcome him as a new Nylund’s Collision Center client!

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We disassembled the car to assess all damage and prepare an estimate for the insurance company. The trunk lid, trunk floor, bumper, right and left quarter panel and the unibody frame extension were all badly damaged in the accident. Once the repairs were approved by the insurance company, we ordered all the original equipment Lexus bumper parts. Next stop was the frame machine where we used our computerized Car-O-Liner 3D measuring system to evaluate the severity of the damage. With this equipment we can make corrective pulls to return the outer body panels and unibody back to the original factory specifications. After all the necessary unibody frame pulls were completed, it was time to cut the old/damaged panels off the car. In this case we removed the entire Trunk floor, right unibody frame rail, and right quarter panel.

Next we started welding the new pieces in place.

Lexus bumper

When the new Lexus bumper and other parts arrived, the new unibody components, trunk floor, frame extension and right quarter panel were welded onto the vehicle and the left quarter panel repaired. Next it was on to sanding, priming and a two-part sealer before the car went into the down draft paint booth for baked on 2-stage base coat/clear coat metallic painting. Finally, the car was reassembled, color sanded and polished, given a four wheel alignment, put through our quality control measures, given a full detail and returned to the guest. The Lexus bumper was indistinguishable from the original manufacturer’s showroom model.


If you ever find yourself with any collision repairs needed, whether it is for Lexus, BMW, Mercedes or other luxury automobiles we would be honored if you would consider Nylund’s for your auto body repair services!

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