Nylund’s Endorsed By Allstate
(That HAD to Hurt!)

Today, we share with you unexpected, unsolicited manna from heaven from one of the most unlikely of sources: a heartfelt (?) endorsement by an Allstate Insurance Claims Adjuster.

Nylund’s Collision Center has never been – nor never will be in any form of “partnership” (DRP or otherwise) with Allstate or any other insurance company. It is well documented that we work only in the best interest of our guests – and our tagline has always been: “If it isn’t perfect – it isn’t leaving”.

So imagine our surprise when one of our guests sent us a copy of this phone call from a local Allstate Claims Adjuster who unexpectedly sings high praise for our work! You just know that HAD to hurt! Take a listen:

Nylunds – Allstate Approval

Note: This 20-second audio has been edited from a much longer phone conversation. Our next post will address Allstate’s response to our guest’s Diminished Value claim… Very interesting indeed!

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