Here at Nylund’s Collision Center, we talk a lot about the importance of insisting on original manufactured parts when getting your vehicle repaired.  For that reason, we are often maligned by the insurance companies for being “difficult” to work with, and “slow” in our repairs.  It is for this reason, we feel it important to set the record straight and explain just exactly why we fight on behalf of our guests.

Some would have you believe that one part (third party or aftermarket) is just as good as the other (original manufactured) part.  This is a fundamental point of disagreement that we have with many insurance companies.  Fact: original parts are designed, patented, tested and safety rated by the manufacturer to offer the very best, safest driving experience possible.  Aftermarket parts, by the very definition of being “replicas” – are not the same as OEM parts.  They are not safety rated or crash tested. And when it comes to the safety of our guests and their families, we simply will not cut corners.

We are the first to acknowledge that our fight on behalf of your safety usually takes more time than simply going with the cheapest parts as recommended by the insurance companies.  We often have to correct their estimates multiple times.  Each delay instituted by the insurance company’s desire to cut costs and compromise safety ends up delaying the overall repair.  But this much we know: this fight is worth it.  Your safety is on the line.

I’m Robert Grieve.  My wife Carol and I are the very proud owners of Nylund’s Collision Center.  We fight… because #YourLivesMatter.

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