We recently performed a post-repair inspection on a 2015 Subaru Legacy that reminded us once again why we here at Nylund’s absolutely insist on taking the time to do the job right the first time.  After being steered into a DRP* body shop, the owner brought it to us for a second opinion. What we found, however, was much worse than anyone suspected!

You love your car.  That’s why you bought it. It’s been good to you, and you are loyal.  Often to a fault.  Sometimes you have to say goodbye to your favorite ride, but how do you know when that is the best option?

This brand new vehicle was “fixed” by another body shop, and returned to the owner with thumbs up and enthusiasm.  Upon casual observation to the untrained eye, one might have overlooked certain telltale signs of a poor quality repair.  But something just didn’t “feel” right, and that’s when they called Nylund’s in to perform a post-repair inspection.

Nylunds Total2

From uneven gaps to buckles in the roof, this was a completely botched job on the part of the DRP shop.  The number of poorly welded sections and unprepared broken parts were almost too numerous to count. Ultimately, the compromised safety of anyone in the back seat of the car (in this case, a small child in a car seat) was the determining factor in deciding to total this vehicle. The other shop didn’t even address several structural points that had been compromised in the original accident.  Left unrepaired (but hidden from view), another collision from behind could prove catastrophic.

In the end, both Nylund’s Collision Center and the insurance company associated with the claim agreed that it would be far too expensive to re-repair the vehicle to meet all safety and pre-accident conditions.  It was decided to total the vehicle.

Nylunds Total1

If your vehicle is fast-tracked through the repair process, and you’re just not sure the shop provided you with the very best (not just cosmetic) repairs, please feel free to drop it by for a free visual post-repair inspection.  It’s always our pleasure to educate our guests and it’s our sworn duty to make sure that your safety is never compromised by a poorly crafted repair.

*DRP stands for Direct Repair Program, which is an arranged relationship that some body shops have with insurance companies. These relationships, in almost every case, compromises the quality of repair because the body shop must agree to use the least-expensive options for replacement parts.  Here at Nylund’s Collision Center, we have never been a DRP shop – and NEVER WILL BE. Quality and safety in repair is our only mission!

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