The answer is no. And here is why… We deal with all Insurance Companies. The difference between being on their list of preferred shops (this is called DRP – Direct Repair Program) or not is simple. It’s about relationships. I prefer to have the relationship with our guest, not the Insurance Company. The rules quickly shift to saving the Insurance Company money when the relationship is centered around them. While every insurance company is different, often times a preferred auto body shop must first search for used parts, Aftermarket parts (non-original), and Reconditioned parts before being allowed to put Factory parts back on your car. Don’t get me wrong, they try to do the same to us. The difference being we can engage them with reasons to do the repair correctly without jeopardizing the relationship. You are the one we want to please, not the Insurance Company.

In my world, both the Insurance Company and Nylund’s have a responsibility when your car gets damaged. Ours is to put your car back to the way it was before the accident. The Insurance Company’s is to fund the process. In many cases the Insurance Company, in my opinion, crosses the line and tries to dictate HOW the car is going to be repaired as well. That is our job, not theirs. But this is what often times happens when a car is taken to one of the DRP – Direct Repair Program “Preferred’ Shops. An example of this would be an Insurance Company insisting on repairing a panel that we feel should be replaced. We will always demand the car get the best repair for our customer. This is something that is difficult for a Preferred Shop because it could put their relationship in jeopardy with the referring Insurance Company.

The reason auto body shops do whatever they can to get on an Insurance Company’s DRP – Direct Repair Program is simple. They want to generate more business. It’s like a partnership. The Insurance Company recommends their preferred DRP shops and in return the shops adhere to the Insurance Company’s program requirements. It’s a win, win for both parties. But, what is the effect on the customer? And where does the customer fit into this win, win partnership? At Nylund’s, our agreement is with you, our guest. To deliver the very best, long lasting, stress free auto body repair to every guest, every time. We will work out the details with the Insurance Company on your behalf to accomplish this. So we are not on any Insurance Company Direct Repair Program because we feel it’s what is best for you, our guest. Always At Your Service, Rob Grieve Proud Owner, Nylund’s Collision Center.

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