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“Steering” is a common practice of many insurance companies to “guide” you to one of their PREFERRED auto body shops (known in the industry as Direct Repair Programs or DRPs).  While you may want to believe that your insurance company is looking out for your best interest, all too often they are ONLY looking to pay the least amount for your repair.

Our friends at K&M Collision offer this very informative video that clearly explains the everyday experience of insurance company “steering”, and why we encourage you to remember: You have the right to choose which body shop repairs your vehicle.  IT’S THE LAW.  Your safety, and that of your family hang in the balance.

Video courtesy of K&M Collision, Hickory, NC.

Things To Look Out For

Insurance companies often tell you that if you don’t take your vehicle to one of their PREFERRED shops, they will not guarantee your repair.  This is misleading, as it is the BODY SHOP, and not the insurance company that provides warranty of the repair.  Nylund’s Collision Center is not, and never has been on any insurance company’s PREFERRED (DRP) list.

They may also tell you that you will be held responsible for additional costs if you choose an independent body shop.  Again, this is misleading.  Your insurance company is mandated by law to cover ALL COSTS to return your vehicle to pre-loss condition.

Do You Have Questions?

Our entire team is dedicated to your safety and you being as informed as possible about your vehicle’s repair.  Call us at 303-761-9219 today, and let’s talk about the best solution for your repair.

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