Hail Damage Repair in Colorado Springs – There’s A Better Option

Every year, more and more Colorado Springs residents bring their cars with hail damage to Nylund’s Collision Center up in Englewood, Colorado. And every single one of them has expressed how glad they are that they did. Nylund’s is the only shop in the state of Colorado to win the title “Best Body Shop” year after year since 2011 according to CityVoter.com.

An Hour Drive vs. Months of Delay

The Colorado Springs, Colorado area has had 134 occasions of hail and 67 severe weather warnings over the last year. The major storm of June 26th, 2020 affected tens of thousands of people, and it appears there’s a huge waiting list just to get cars into a repair shop. In some cases, people are having to wait weeks, even months to be seen.

Denver didn’t experience the same hail storm, and therefore, Nylund’s Collision Center is not only able to help you much sooner – they’re also the most award-winning body shop in the state. It’s absolutely worth the hour drive to get your hail damage repair performed quickly and properly at Nylund’s.

Not All Hail Damage Repair Shops Are Equal

Every time a large hail storm hits Colorado Springs, paintless dent repair shops seem to show up on every corner. They’ll promise the best repair, and even offer to pay your deductible. According to CarInsurance.com, if a shop pays your insurance deductible, they are engaging in insurance fraud – and we strongly encourage you to steer clear of that. And when it comes to offering the best repair available, for the last 10+ years, there’s only one shop who can back up that claim.

What To Expect When You Bring Your Car To Nylund’s

Guests who bring their cars to Nylund’s are immediately aware of the personal difference in service. You don’t have to fill out pages of forms – we do that for you. We’ll write you a hail damage estimate right on the spot, and in most cases, our estimates are much more accurate than the insurance company’s.

The Insurance Company Will Often Low-Ball Their Estimate

Especially when it comes to hail damage repair, insurance companies in Colorado Springs and around the country are well known for under-estimating the expense of a proper repair. They do so because they know that many people will simply cash the settlement check and never have the repair done to the vehicle.

Here at Nylund’s, our first and only priority is you. We work for you, and advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies to pay every dollar that you are owed. If you want your vehicle repaired properly, you’re going to need more – typically much more – than the insurance company’s original estimate.  We fight that fight for you.

The Bottom Line: Better and Faster Is Good For You

Nylund’s Collision Center offers Colorado Springs hail damage repair to the very highest quality standards, and bringing it the hour north to us can save you weeks, maybe months of delays. We can help you get set up in a rental car, and even arrange towing if necessary.

We’d love to have you  join the ever-growing number of guests from the Springs who have discovered the Nylund’s difference. Contact us today to ask about discounts for active duty service man and women.

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