Consumer Safety Alert

Some industry estimates suggest that more than 60% of “repaired” vehicles on the road have serious safety and structural issues. Your safety is of paramount importance. All too often, repairs that are done at DRP (Insurance Company’s Direct Repair Program or “Preferred”) shops put turnaround speed, cost and quality of parts ahead of safety, and the end result can put the lives of your vehicle’s occupants in jeopardy.

At Nylund’s Collision Center, we offer a free, third-party visual post-repair inspection. If you are in the least bit concerned about the quality of another shop’s repair to your vehicle, bring it by and let us visually inspect it for you. This inspection costs you nothing, and if we find any cause for concern, you have several options to consider.

Here’s a Lexus case study, provided for your consideration by our friends at Mark’s Body Shop in Baltimore, MD.

Video produced by APMedia

If it’s discovered that your repair did not restore your vehicle to it’s “pre-loss condition” in safety, function, performance or appearance you are entitled to have it re-repaired until it is right. When it comes to safety, don’t accept any cutting of corners.

Here at Nylund’s Collision Center, we make our guests a promise: “If it isn’t perfect… it isn’t leaving.” We will not compromise the safety of you and your family – and we will not cut corners when it comes to the quality of your vehicle’s repair. You need it to be right. You need it #NylundsDone.

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