Here at Nylund’s Collision Center, we are asked the question on a daily basis: “What if I disagree with my insurance adjuster?” It’s a valid question, and we want you to know that you have options.

We educate, inform and edify insurance adjusters every day on behalf of our guests. It’s our role to make sure that our guests are provided everything that they are entitled to when it comes to their insurance company paying for the PROPER and safe repair of their vehicle.

Here’s a recent example of one of our guests who was being bullied by an insurance adjuster who simply refused to pay for the proper repair to his beautiful 2017 Ford Focus RS. Our friends, Auto Damage Experts, document the case in detail here.

In summary, the insurance adjuster would only pay a fraction of what it actually costs to properly repair the vehicle, and nothing we could say or do – including providing all of the necessary documentation in support of the correct repair plan – would move them off their desire to engage in profiteering.

After encouraging our guest to inform the insurance adjuster that he would be invoking the Appraisal Clause of his insurance contract, we introduced him to Auto Damage Experts.

During the execution of an appraisal clause, both sides must provide independent adjusters to examine the vehicle, and then agree upon a written estimate of what it would cost to repair the vehicle properly. Upon doing that, they agreed to an amount that was 95% of our original estimate. The insurance company must now pay all of that money, in addition to the expense (in both time and money) that it cost them to hire an outside insurance adjuster.

The appraisal clause is a powerful tool for the consumer when used properly in cases of authentic wrongs being done on the part of the insurance company. It is also the last line of defense, if you disagree with your insurance adjuster, before taking them to court.

We stand ready and willing to always help our guests when it comes to receiving the proper repair, and helping the insurance companies understand that their role is to pay for that repair in the first place. Feel free to contact us here.

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