Celebrating the Guest Experience – Lexus Style!

It is with great pride and equal humility that we share the news that Nylund’s Collision Center has been named a Lexus Authorized Collision Center.

This is a huge honor, and one that we take very seriously around here. We have been preparing for this moment ever since Robert and Carol Grieve purchased the business back in 2006.

From that very moment, the driving philosophy of Nylund’s business model has been the guest experience. Nothing is more important than providing the proper repair and employing original equipment manufacturer’s parts and procedures to every repair.

Lexus USA agrees, and is launching the pilot of their Lexus Authorized Collision Center program, beginning with Nylund’s Collision Center.

Meet the Lexus Certified Team at Nylund’s

Robert Grieve - Owner

Greg Grieve - Structural & Body

Lexus Certified Staff - John Groome

John Groome - General Manager

Kevin West - Structural & Body

Luis Romo - Structural & Body

Why Choose Nylund’s Collision Center For Your Repair?

What separates Nylund’s Collision Center from so many others is our 100% commitment to performing the right repair each and every time. In order to do that, we always go directly to the original equipment manufacturer’s procedural documentation. And we always use 100% OEM parts. The quality of repair and safety of our guests and their loved ones demand absolutely nothing less.

Press Release 12/11/2020

Englewood, CO – Dec. 10, 2020 | Denver Area Collision Center First in America to Become Lexus Authorized. Nylund’s Collision Center of Englewood has been named the very first repairer in the country to bear the title of “Lexus Authorized Collision Center”.

Lexus USA has launched a pilot program to identify collision centers that qualify under their meticulous standards and demanding training requirements to bear the Lexus Authorized title. During this pilot, a very short list of repair shops spread across America have been selected. Each shop must pass multiple qualifications and faithfully adhere to Lexus’ Kaizen (change for the better or continuous improvement) philosophy of business. There is also a strong emphasis on providing an exceptional guest experience.

Nylund’s Collision Center was selected to enter the pilot as a result of their long history of  implementing the proper equipment, processes and materials to repair Lexus vehicles to original equipment manufacturer’s standards. Nylund’s has a full compliment of Lexus trained and certified staff, all of whom embrace and execute the Kaizen culture.

“We couldn’t be more honored to be recognized as America’s first Lexus Authorized collision center”, said Robert Grieve, owner of Nylund’s. “It means so much to us to be so closely associated with a car manufacturer like Lexus USA.  It’s clear that our mutual passion for the guest experience is in perfect alignment.”

When asked about the importance of collision centers earning the Lexus Authorized status, Grieve said, “We believe that there’s only one way to repair a Lexus vehicle: the right way. That means that everything we do must be done in the spirit of the highest quality of craftsmanship and love for the guest that Lexus puts into every car they make. We would like to congratulate each of the other pilot collision centers across America that will bear the LSCC designation in the very near future. It is a rigorous program, and being recognized by Lexus as the very best is hard-earned and well-deserved.”

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