When searching for a Lexus body shop, you probably type ‘ Lexus body shop near me ’ into Google. You get the search results, and it’s easy to just go with the one closest to you. In this article, we are going to tell you how and why that might be a very expensive mistake.

One Lexus Body Shop Is Not Equal to Another

While it’s true that many body shops will tell you that they repair Lexus vehicles, very few of them actually specialize in the luxury brand.

Certified Lexus Body Shops Are Rare

Of the 35,000+ body shops in America, only 32 are genuine “Lexus Certified Collision Centers”. To be clear: less than 9/100ths of 1% (.00091429) of all body shops carry Lexus certification. The reason for this is simple: in order to be a genuine Lexus Certified Collision Center, a Lexus dealer must have 51% ownership in the shop.

With this information, consumers must be wary of anyone claiming to be Lexus certified. For example, there is NOT ONE certified Lexus body shop in the entire state of Colorado. And yet, we are aware of at least one shop who illegitimately claims that they are certified. And as a point of record, we have re-repaired several of the Lexus vehicles that shop fixed incorrectly.

Great Repairs Can Be Performed By Independent Shops

Collision centers don’t have to be a certified Lexus body shop to perform correct repairs. What is most important is whether or not the shop repairs Lexus vehicles using the same training, equipment and procedures as Lexus Certified Collision Centers do.

This comes directly from the Lexus Certified Collision Center’s website: Lexus Certified Collision Centers only use Lexus Genuine Parts, and are highly distinguished for having the capability to restore your vehicle to factory standards. All of this in a state-of-the-art facility where quality and customer satisfaction are of utmost priority.

Also this: Lexus technicians are trained experts, completing hours of hands-on training and extensive examinations in order to meet Lexus’ superior standards. Technicians must also undergo continuous training to stay current with the latest collision repair technology.

When looking for a Lexus body shop that will do the right job the first time, it’s important to look for shops that can check all the boxes of the criteria below.

  • Do the techs receive up to date training?
  • Does the shop always use Lexus Genuine Parts (no aftermarket, 3rd party parts)
  • Are they able to repair your vehicle to factory standards?
  • Is quality and customer satisfaction of utmost priority?

 You invested in the quality, safety and experience that a Lexus vehicle brings to the table. When you choose a Colorado body shop to repair your Lexus, try typing ‘ Nylund’s Collision Center ‘ into Google, and experience the award-winning proper Lexus repair you expect and deserve.

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