On August 11, 2021, Lexus USA and Toyota motor North America announced their partnership with CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. and the release of the Lexus Mobile Collision Assistance feature within the Lexus app. This new feature is available to subscribers of the app and offers guided instructions to help drivers in the earliest moments after an accident has occurred.

Collision Assistance is designed to let the customer choose how they would like to handle the claim and repair processes, and at the same time educating them about how the process works. The feature is intuitive in design, and guides the guest through three major steps: Capture the Scene, Notify your Insurance and Find a Shop.

Of course, before the app guides the guest through any of those features, it ascertains many of the key bits of information that can be collected automatically immediately after a collision. That includes VIN, guest profile information, odometer, location, date and time, etc.. All of this is done behind the scenes, in recognition that the first moments after an accident are both confusing and often disorienting for the people involved.

The benefits to subscribing and making use of the Lexus Mobile Collision Assistance feature are manyfold. Of highest consideration is the information offered to allow the guest to make informed decisions about their vehicle’s repair process.  Instead of the typical “insurance as First Notice of Loss” model, the Lexus Mobile Collision Assistance offers an alternative to their guests. Users of the Lexus app will now be made aware of Lexus Authorized Collision Centers. These body shops have all taken advanced training from Toyota/Lexus USA, and the highest qualified repair facilities for your Lexus vehicles.

The Lexus Mobile Collision Assistance system is designed to get customers pointed in the direction of the most appropriate, proper repair of your Lexus vehicle… not necessarily the repair facilities that are embedded in partnerships with the insurance companies.

Here at Nylund’s Collision Center, we are proud to be the only Lexus Authorized Collision Center in a multi-state region. We only repair vehicles to the standards and specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer, and we never use aftermarket or salvaged/used parts.  We encourage our guests to look into adding a subscription to the Lexus Mobile Collision Assistance element of the Lexus app, and consider it a contributor to the peace of mind that Lexus owners have come to expect from their high performance luxury vehicles.Lexus Authorized Collision Center Nylund's Collision Center

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