We are asked some variation of this question several times a day.  While we cannot quote a price without looking at (estimating) your vehicle’s specific damage, we can tell you this: In most cases, it won’t cost you any more to have it fixed the RIGHT WAY at Nylund’s.  Typically, you pay your insurance deductible, and the insurance company is obligated to pay the repair shop to restore the vehicle to it’s “pre-loss” condition.

Lexus ES

This is where the Nylund’s difference (#NylundsDone) comes into the equation.  From the moment you become our guest, we begin to advocate on behalf of your best interest with your insurance company.  Many times, insurance will write estimates that favor the lowest-cost (read: cheapest) repair in order to save THEM money.  At Nylund’s we write our estimates for safety first, and quality always.  In many cases, that means replacing original Manufacturer’s parts with new Manufacturer’s parts.  Third-party and used parts are simply not the same thing, and often do not fit as well.

As our guest, you will experience the very best in service.  If you require a rental car, we’ll make the arrangements.  While your vehicle is at our shop, we’ll take care of speaking to your insurance company.  And when we’re done, you’ll understand why hundreds of people every year trust only Nylund’s to repair their cars.

Have questions? Run ‘em by us.  Call 303-761-9219, or go ahead and stop on by.  It’s our pleasure to serve you.

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