Multi-material space frame. Ultra high-strength, hot-shaped steel. Conventional steel. Cast aluminum and bionic structures. Magnesium strut braces. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). Load path compliant fiber.

These are just a few of the MANY new terms coming down the production line at an automobile manufacturer near you!  And why should you care? Well, perhaps YOU shouldn’t… but the real question is: does your body shop know them?

The industry is in an ever-changing, rapidly-evolving state of growth. Manufacturers like Audi are producing frames and structural panels made out of multiple components, and you better believe that means the repair process just got more complicated. If your body shop technician doesn’t keep 100% up to date with every advance… your repair could be compromised.

How would you ever know if the shop you choose really knows what they’re doing? There are a couple of ways.  First – ask to view their most current “AllData” documents. Next, inquire about the status of their subscription to your specific manufacturer’s updated repair manual. And finally – if you really want to know the QUALITY of repair at any given body shop, simply ask them how many times they’ve ever had to buy back a vehicle after repairing it.

Your vehicle represents not only one of your largest expenses… it is responsible for the safety of the ones you love the most. Be sure that the people taking care of your family truly know what they’re doing!

Take a look at this example of Audi’s innovation:

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