Meet Sally (pictured on left).

Her beautiful 2000 BMW was hit (rear bumper), and she immediately brought it to Nylund’s for the only type of repair that she will have performed on her beloved car: the right one. This is how it should be.

We received her vehicle, set her up with a rental, and took care of everything for her. We handled all the business of meeting with the insurance company, made sure the repair was done properly and upon completion we invited Sally to pick up her ‘baby’ from our showroom floor.

This photo doesn’t just show the smile of a woman who is excited to pick up her car. It shows the nature of the relationship we have with Sally… and all of our guests here at Nylund’s Collision Center. It shows the authentic friendship between Sally and the ownership of Nylund’s (Carol Grieve pictured on right).

You see, this photo isn’t about a transaction, or that we make bad things go away and restore cars to their original beauty.  It’s about the fact that we know, and genuinely care about every one of our guests.

Sally Wurr is a valuable member of our community. She’s the owner of an amazing business: SW Insurance Corp., and she works as hard as anyone we know. She is loved by her clients, because – like us – she will never compromise the right thing for an easy dollar. Sally is the embodiment of everything that we strive to be here at Nylund’s.

Sally… is our reason why! How it should be.

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