You’ve dropped off your vehicle for repair at Nylund’s Collision Center… and now you’d like to know what to expect. Well, first off, thank you for choosing Nylund’s.  We know that you have a choice, and we take our role in the repair of your car very, very seriously!

Here is what you can expect in the days to come:

The first thing we are going to do is a thorough examination (our own estimate) of the damage to your car. Your insurance company will likely have already sent an adjuster to give THEIR opinion as to the cost of your repair, and our estimate will be provided to them in the form of a “supplemental” estimate that will cover the parts and labor that we feel are necessary to restore your vehicle to it’s PRE-LOSS condition.

What you need to know is that the insurance estimate is almost ALWAYS much lower than ours, and it could be several days of back and forth between our findings before we come to an agreement on the cost of repairs. This process does NOT COST YOU ANY MORE. You pay your deductible, and in most cases the insurance company pays the balance.*

The most common reasons for this dance are as follows:

  1. The insurance estimate was “sight line” only. The car has not yet been disassembled, and therefore there may be damage that has not yet been accounted for. (Frames, support structures, internal elements and the like that cannot be seen without disassembly)
  2. Insurance companies typically try to cut their costs by recommending substandard aftermarket parts and/or not wanting to pay for OEM (original equipment manufacturer’s) parts or the manufacturer’s specific repair procedures.
  3. In some cases the insurer initially “refuses” to cover the difference in cost between their estimate and ours. This may require involving you, our guest (and their insured/claimant) in our communication with them. We do our very best to protect your best interests, and in the case where we may need to involve you in the conversation – we will also help you decisively win in favor of the proper repair and any ancillary compensation that you may have coming to you.

Here at Nylund’s we have only one way of repairing your vehicle: the RIGHT way. We will not cut corners with your safety, or the quality of your repair, and so you may be assured that we will NOT be using aftermarket parts in the repair of your car. We will absolutely make that known to your insurance company in every case . No matter what they try to tell you to scare you into taking your car to their “preferred direct repair partner shops” – we assure you that we have this battle every day of the week on behalf of our guests.

Once We Have An Agreement

Once the insurance company agrees to the proper repair of your vehicle, parts are ordered and repairs begin. We will have already been in contact with you to let you know of our progress, and you will have a preliminary estimated date of completion as well.

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Vehicle?

There is no cookie cutter answer to this question, however – we do have a rather lengthy exploration of the topic available here. Nylund’s Collision Center will do everything we can to expedite the correct repair for your vehicle. Sometimes there are unexpected situations that come up in the repair process – and our commitment to you is that should such things require an extended repair cycle, we will notify you immediately.

*Some insurance policies have written clauses that provide coverage ONLY for aftermarket parts in the repair of your vehicle. If this is the case with your policy, you will have to decide whether to pay the difference in cost for OEM parts, or to take your vehicle to a shop that allows the use of aftermarket parts.

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