The day we deliver your repaired vehicle to you is very exciting for you and for us! We absolutely love seeing the looks of love on the faces of our guests as they are reunited with their cars.

To ensure the very best experience and get you back on the road as quickly as possible, please be sure to bring the following when picking up your car.

  • Please bring your deductible payment with you.
  • If you were issued any funds from your insurance company related to the repair of your car, please bring them with you when you pick up your vehicle.
  • Especially notice if insurance checks are made out to both YOU and the LEIN HOLDER (the bank who holds your loan). In such instances, you will need to have the insurance company re-issue the check in your name only. This should be done immediately so that you have the properly issued check(s) on the day you wish to pick up your vehicle.

As you can see from the photo above, we love to document the moment of delivery of our guest’s repaired cars. If you would like us to add your photo to our virtual wall of fame, it would be our honor!

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