Amica Mutual Insurance is the newest recipient of Nylund’s Collision Center’s Top Insurance Performer award. “This award is presented to insurance groups who go out of their way to be helpful during a difficult time in the lives of our guests”, says Robert Grieve, owner of the Englewood, Colorado-based body shop.

Nylund’s is widely recognized as the only collision center ever to be awarded the title of “Best Body Shop” by CityVoter’s Denver A-List competition, every year of it’s 11-year existence. With a strong emphasis on the guest experience, Nylund’s wishes to acknowledge other industries that align themselves with the core values and integrity-filled business practices demonstrated toward our guests.

It is important to note that Nylund’s Collision Center does not have any formal or legal partnerships or obligations to Amica Mutual Insurance or any of it’s affiliates. The recognition of Amica Mutual’s dedication to an excellent guest experience is just that – recognition.

“This isn’t a statement of endorsement as much as it is a tip of the hat to like-minded businesses”, says Grieve. “When a guest comes to us, it’s because they’ve experience a traumatic event. It’s our passion to help alleviate any further stress surrounding the repair of their vehicle, and we genuinely appreciate companies like Amica, who help streamline the repair process by simply paying for the correct repair without wasting time haggling over the price of parts or necessary procedures. They realize that we (Nylund’s) are the repair experts, and that we only seek to repair vehicles properly. It works out well for everyone.”

If you have questions about whether or not your insurance company would make the cut for our Top Insurance Performer award, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’re more than happy to answer any questions, and give you a fresh perspective based upon our experience.

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