Many people are searching for the best Subaru body shop in Denver, but finding the best can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for.  We’ve compiled a brief list of really important questions that you should ask ANYONE claiming to be the best Subaru body shop.

best Subaru body shop

  1. Will they perform pre and post scans on your vehicle? When you’re searching for the best Subaru body shop in Denver, be sure to ask if they include scans both before and after the repair.  Subaru requires such scans, but many shops do not perform them, as several insurance companies are reluctant to pay for them.These scans are critical to a proper repair because so much of your vehicle is electronically interconnected. Making sure that everything is properly calibrated can mean the difference between life and death when it comes to proper operation and if necessary deployment of select safety systems (airbags, etc).  If it’s not listed on your invoice – chances are high that they didn’t perform these critical scans.Many newer model Subarus have Eyesight pre-collision braking and lane recognition installed. If these cameras are not properly recalibrated after a windshield replacement, very serious harm could come to the occupants of the car when such assistance becomes necessary.
  2. Will they look up the proper procedures from Subaru of America? You would think that this is a no-brainer, but the percentage of shops that actually pay attention to this level of detail is remarkably low. Instead, they simply perform the repair that THEY think is best, and that usually ends up badly for the vehicle owner.The best Subaru body shop in Denver should be able to confidently assure you that no repair is performed on any vehicle without the strict use of proper manufacturer’s Subaru body shop
  3. Will they have the proper equipment? Again, one might never imagine that repairs on your beloved Subaru would be performed with anything but the right tools… and again we assure you that such is very, very often not the case.For instance, are they using the proper welding equipment – with the proper gas? Subaru of America requires several very specific welders – and requiring a very specific mixture of gases with those welders. These requirements are specific to Subaru, and other vehicle makes (ex. Lexus) require different welding specifications. The necessary tools are very expensive, and many shops bypass the extra expense of getting the right Subaru body shop         best Subaru body shop
  4. Will they have the proper lighting? Wait a minute. Are we seriously going to suggest you ask about the shop’s lighting? You bet we are! And here’s why: Subaru of America requires a minimum of 700 lumens in order to properly repair your vehicle. They want to make sure the technician working on your car is able to see clearly every detail of the repair.We here at Nylund’s have over 1,100 lumens of lighting, nearly doubling the required Subaru body shop
  5. How will they protect your car during the repair?  The best Subaru body shop will not only consider the areas of your car requiring repair, but they also be considerate of any part of your car that might be affected while the repair is being made.Ask your shop if they provide car seat and steering wheel protective covers. If they don’t, then they are not likely the best Subaru body Subaru body shop
  6. Will they use aftermarket or used parts on your repair? The great majority of shops do not hesitate when it comes to using cheaper, inferior parts in the repair.  This cost-cutting action may come at the expense of your safety.The best Subaru body shop will only use original equipment from the manufacturer in your repair. It’s not about saving money – it’s about performing the right repair – every time.
  7. How will they deliver your car? Do they wash and detail your vehicle before delivering it? Or is the only “clean” area the one that they worked on? It’s hard to imagine that thousands of cars are delivered in a less than stunning condition – and yet it happens every day.

best Subaru body shop

You want the best Subaru body shop for your vehicle. And any shop hoping to hang their hat on that title will be able to answer positively with confidence each and every one of the above questions.

Whether you’re having your repair done by Nylund’s or any other shop, we are always happy to answer any of your questions. And if you have concerns about any repair, we offer free visual post-repair inspections.

You love your Subaru… and we love performing each of our repairs one way only: the right way.

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