When you need the services of a collision center for your Lexus, doesn’t it make sense to bring your vehicle to a Lexus Specialist Collision Center? We think it does, and we’ll tell you why.

As one of the first Lexus Authorized Collision Centers in America, and the only one within a multi-state region, Nylund’s knows your Lexus vehicle inside and out. After all… we have invested heavily in the right people, and the right equipment for the right reason: your safety and that of your loved ones.

Our advanced-trained estimators, technicians, and painters are at the very heart of each and every repair. They have earned the rank of Lexus Certified staff after completing hours of the most comprehensive training available by Toyota/Lexus.

As a Lexus Specialist collision center, we make sure that we have all the right tools for our guest’s collision repair needs. Nylund’s has the right torque wrenches, welders, and yes… even the right paint to restore your Lexus to its original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.  Simply put: if it isn’t perfect… it isn’t leaving.

And our WHY is equally simple – and yet ultimately powerful: Your safety MATTERS to us! We are known as Colorado’s Lexus Specialist Collision Center for good reason. We WILL NOT cut corners where your safety is concerned. We repair your Lexus vehicle only one way: the RIGHT WAY. We will not put aftermarket parts on your car. We will refer to only the most current Lexus repair procedures directly from Toyota/Lexus, as we know that procedures change all the time. And we will ALWAYS scan and measure your vehicle before and after our repair to make 100% certain that it’s safe for you to drive away with confidence.

And why do these things matter so much?

Many times Lexus owners are persuaded by insurance companies – and even by some “other brand dealerships” – to take their vehicles to their “preferred” or “in-house” body shops. And while, on the surface that may appear to be a good thing… in reality, it is rarely so.

Do you really want the local Hyundai dealership’s body shop to attempt the precision, and often high-tech repairs to your Lexus luxury vehicle? They are not likely to be the Lexus Specialist Collision Center that you want and need to be working on your car. They have technicians that are trained to repair their own brand: Hyundai.

As for the common body shop that your insurance company recommends, ask yourself why they recommend it. It’s not because they are a Lexus Specialist Collision Center. Much more to the point, it’s because the body shop and insurer have a mutual partnership (called a DRP) where the insurer will refer more cars as long as the body shop agrees to work with the cost-cutting estimates that they provide. The focus of those repairs is speed and profit (for them both) and NOT on quality of even the safety of you and your loved ones.

Consider this in a different context:

Lexus Specialist Collision Center

Who would you rather perform a necessary heart surgery: a trained cardiologist specializing in the particular surgery you require? Or the dentist who happens to be available? Both are doctors. Both specialize in their own areas.

Lexus Specialist Collision Center

And while you may initially think that this comparison is not reasonable… in BOTH instances we are talking about the potential for life-saving training and the proper use of the proper equipment that can absolutely make a huge difference to your long-term future.

Choosing a common body shop can have catastrophic consequences. We see (and document) case after case of poor and dangerous repairs by dealership body shops and shops “preferred” by insurers.  They happen all the time where speed and profit are the priority.

YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to have a Lexus Specialist Collision Center repair your car the right way, or to risk a rushed and possibly incorrect repair. Now more than ever with the increasing complexity of your Lexus luxury vehicle – it’s important to choose wisely!

If you have questions or would like to discuss a repair plan with us, we would be happy to speak with you.  Contact us here, or call us any time.  And if you’ve had your Lexus repaired by anyone other than a Lexus Specialist Collision Center and would like us to perform a post-repair inspection, we can make that happen as well.

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