after the repair

Our Commitment:

“I refuse to lower my standards to accommodate those who will not raise theirs.”
– Robert Grieve, Owner

Once your vehicle has been repaired – No matter where you take your it –  There are some very important things you should consider once that repair is completed.

Below, we provide information for your consideration.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Was I Lied To About Industry Standard?

Was I Lied To About Industry Standard?

Consumer Alert: Two words have become the weapons of choice in the battle of right vs. wrong in the collision repair business. By design, these two words sound so innocuous that they presume acceptance without consumer’s knowledge that by doing so, they have loaded the gun that is pointed directly at themselves. The two words are: Industry Standard.

What You Need to Pick Up Your Car

What You Need to Pick Up Your Car

The day we deliver your repaired vehicle to you is very exciting for you and for us! We absolutely love seeing the looks of love on the faces of our guests as they are reunited with their cars. To ensure the very best experience and get you back on the road as quickly...

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