This isn’t about US… It’s about YOUR SAFETY!

You care about your family’s safety.  We do too. Which is why we have assembled a series of articles that will help you understand what happens after you get into an accident.  The only one to benefit by putting aftermarket parts on your vehicle is your insurance company.

Here at Nylund’s Collision Center, we side with your vehicle’s manufacturer when it comes to the safety of your replacement parts.  We will never compromise your safety, or that of your loved ones.  Ever.

You don’t have to bring your car to Nylund’s.  But wherever you take it, please remember – you have the choice to insist upon original manufacturer’s parts in your repair. If the body shop will not fight for you, then ask yourself: who ARE they fighting for? In most cases, they have an agreement with the insurance company to accept the least-expensive route to repair, which includes non-crash-tested and safety documented aftermarket parts.

Education is power, and knowledge in the case of the use of aftermarket parts could in fact save your life. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We will always take your call.  – Robert Grieve, Owner

Why Would Anyone Do This To You?

You should question the motives of any Auto Body shop that would knowingly use aftermarket and reconditioned parts on their customer’s vehicles.

Click Here to read an article with important information about the safety of AfterMarket parts.

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Was I Lied To About Industry Standard?

Was I Lied To About Industry Standard?

Consumer Alert: Two words have become the weapons of choice in the battle of right vs. wrong in the collision repair business. By design, these two words sound so innocuous that they presume acceptance without consumer’s knowledge that by doing so, they have loaded the gun that is pointed directly at themselves. The two words are: Industry Standard.

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